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Design Philosophy



When setting up Mahari, our head designer Taran contemplated some of the struggles when shopping for South Asian clothing. She found the same concerns amongst her peers: "The fabrics are itchy and uncomfortable", "The zips/buttons always break after one wear" and "Why is it so hard to find good quality Indian clothing?"

With these issues in mind, paired with Taran's fashion design expertise, ensuring impeccable quality became the foundation of our design and production. All of our fabrics and trims are carefully selected to meet our high standards.

Every part in our production process has been meticulously perfected to ensure we can continue to provide high quality products, so you can shop with peace of mind.


We believe fashion shouldn't have restrictions, so we give you the freedom to mix & match our designs in a way that truly represents your style. Tops, skirts and dupattas are priced separately to give you versatility when shopping.

So whether you are looking for a full outfit or just a new top to pair with an existing skirt in your wardrobe - you can find it at Mahari!

Our customers love to remix, re-wear and restyle their Mahari pieces over the years.


Mahari products are created by a unique pairing of contemporary silhouettes with traditional craftsmanship techniques.

We love innovating new designs whilst including heritage hand embroidery methods in our garments.

By pushing the boundaries of traditional South Asian fashion, we are able to offer a truly unique product selection season after season for our valued customers.


Mass production in the fashion industry has wreaked havoc on our planet and left brands stuck in a bad cycle of over-production and excess product. We wanted to break away from this fast fashion cycle.

As a result we make our products in limited quantities in small carefully considered collections. Instead of chasing trends we create classic and timeless designs.

Our garments are praised for their longevity and quality giving you the ability to keep your Mahari purchases for a lifetime.


All of our products are designed by our head designer Taran in her studio in Vancouver, BC. She makes regular trips to India to personally select fabrics for the collections and to work on new concepts with the production team.

Collections usually start out as a sketchbook full of Taran's concepts. This follows with months of fabric and trims sourcing, pattern making, garment production and quality control before we release our designs for purchase.

We package every sale with a huge smile on our faces and read every review with warmth in our hearts. When you shop at Mahari you are supporting a small, female and POC owned brand.

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